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Force and Destiny RPG: BETA Rulebook

Code: FFGBTA010
Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games
Force and Destiny RPG: BETA Rulebook

SRP: $29.95
Cost: please inquire
Be among the first to host games of the Star Wars�: Force and Destiny� roleplaying game!
In Force and Destiny, players assume the roles of characters who possess the rare and
dangerous ability to touch and use the Force. Will they use their powers to fight injustice and
oppression, or will they succumb to the temptations of the dark side? Even as the beta allows
players to decide their fates, it invites them to help shape Force and Destiny into the best
possible Force-oriented roleplaying experience.

Note: This is a BETA version of the rules designed with the intent of the buyer to help playetest the game, the actual rules will be releases in a different format at a future date.