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SOS - Sheep in Trouble INTL

Code: HAB300142
Manufacturer: HABA
SOS - Sheep in Trouble INTL

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After having been abandoned for weeks on a lonely island, the stranded animals are finally being rescued by a lifeboat. Hooray! They quickly jump on board and the boat hoists up its anchor. The sheep however were dawdling and have missed the departure! Can you help the sheep aboard before it's too late?

To set up, each player places a sheep figure on her starting card and her ship tile close at hand. On a turn, she rolls the die, then takes a seaside card of that color, flips it over to reveal the rocks on the other side, then places it in a path leading from the island. If on a future turn, she rolls a color that's already in her path, instead of adding another tile to her path, her sheep crosses a number of rocks equal to the number of rocks of the rolled color in her path. Whoever first reaches her ship with her sheep wins!

2-4 players

Ages 4+