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Epic PvP: Fantasy Expansion #1: Orc/Dark Elf/Monk/Barbarian

Code: AEG6202
Manufacturer: Alderac Entertainment Group
Epic PvP: Fantasy Expansion #1: Orc/Dark Elf/Monk/Barbarian

SRP: $19.99
Cost: please inquire
The Epic battles heat up with new races and classes!

Putting Dark Elves and Orcs in the same arena seems like a bad idea - unless you're playing Epic PvP. Add the possibility of making them Monks and Barbarians as well, and the battle is on!

And all of this is entirely compatible with the previous Epic PvP: Fantasy decks, meaning that some new, exciting and downright ridiculous character combinations are now yours to play with.

Get back in the arena, the battle is on!

This expansion comes with two 20-card character decks and two 20-card race decks, as well as a board for each.