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Code: CARCDR-001
Manufacturer: CardLords

SRP: $19.99
Cost: please inquire

BattleGoats is a War-style card game where players alternate turns in card battle to determine a winner using the highest number value. Number values change as the game goes on. The person with the last card in play wins. Rules are easy to pick up and games play in as little as 5-30 minutes for groups of 2-6 players.

How to play:
1. Each player gets a random Hero and recruits an army of goats to battle with.
2. To build an army, all players are dealt 8 additional cards from the deck at random. Any remaining cards are set aside and not used for that game.
3. With 9 cards in hand, each player lays them out face down in a 3x3 pattern to set up their battlefield.
4. The player that finishes laying their battlefield out the fastest gets to choose who attacks first.
5. To attack, select one of your cards, then choose any one of your opponent’s cards.
6. Both cards are flipped over and the higher number after any modifiers wins. Special abilities or modifiers are shown on the bottom of each card. If the numbers are equal, both cards are defeated.
7. After the attack is finished, the losing card is discarded and the winning card flips back over, then it is the next players turn. (Here comes the Memory effect into play, just remember where you can attack cards with a lower number on it.)

The player with the last card in play wins.
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