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Harry Potter Miniature Game: Hogwart's Professors Pack

Manufacturer: Knight Models
Harry Potter Miniature Game: Hogwart's Professors Pack

SRP: $45.00
Cost: please inquire
"NOTE: The initial production run will be VERY LIMITED, so early
pre-orders are key to receiving stock in the first wave! Pre-orders
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Hogwarts Professors Pack includes:

· 4 Detailed ready to paint & assemble resin miniatures 35mm scale:

- Severus Snape - Dolores Umbridge

- Gilderoy Lockhart - Minerva McGonagall

· 4 Plastic Bases

· 1 Blister

· 4 Character Cards

· 4 Spell Cards

· 1 Artefact Card

*This product is recomended for 14+ years old, as it contains small pieces.

**Assembly and painting required. Contents may vary.