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AK-Interactive: AK Sprays - Great White Base (150ml)

Code: AKIAK-1019
Manufacturer: AK Interactive, S.L.
AK-Interactive: AK Sprays - Great White Base (150ml)

SRP: $12.95
Cost: please inquire

150ml Great White Base Spray Can AK-1019 AK Interactive

Special base for vivid colors. This product offer you a high opacity base ultra white perfect to get a high intensity in colors painted. The product is a synthetic lacquer that cures in a short period of time.

Easy to apply, the painting of vivid colors become simple and more effective after this ultra resistant and fine basecoat. Before using you will need to shake the spray well, at least a minute to get a good mixture.

At the end of the painting turn the can upside down holding the spray nozzle for a few seconds in this position, until no more paint comes out of the diffuser, thus avoiding the obstruction of the diffuser.