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Battlestations Revised

Code: OOC0802
Manufacturer: Gorilla Games
Battlestations Revised

SRP: $59.95
Cost: please inquire
Simultaneous Ship to Ship Combat and Boarding Action simulator with light role-playing.

"You and your friends each play the role of a crew member on a starship that faces whatever grief the referee throws at you. You'll blast enemies, pull outrageous maneuvers, unlock the secrets of alien cultures, and crank the last bit of juice out of an overtaxed engine while trying not to get yourself, your crew, or your starship blown to bits in the process."

  • 112 page rulebook

  • 48 full-color double-sided modules

  • 4 full color double-sided map board/control cards

  • 4 full color double-sided map board/cheat sheets

  • Full color markers: (80) .7" markers (32) hex-shaped markers.

  • Full-color fold-up counters

  • 10 glass beads

  • 6 black dice

  • 2 starships (New to this edition!)

  • ...all in a sturdy box!