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Nightfall: Martial Law

Code: AEG5302
Manufacturer: Alderac Entertainment Group
Nightfall: Martial Law

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Darkness envelopes the world; chaos reigns. Humanity fights back in the only way they know how: with forceful control. But how does one control creatures whose existence defies all logic?

Nightfall: Martial Law is a stand-alone expansion to the smash-hit competitive deck building game Nightfall. Martial Law brings you a complete new set of cards with special new powers, and features all-new vampires, werewolves, hunters and ghouls. Martial Law also introduces the new feeding mechanic: feed your chained orders to give them greater effect!

• Cards to enhance your Nightfall games.

• Features the “Feed” mechanic, adding new strategy and tactics.

• Amazing art from top artists

• Continues the dark story of Nightfall


• 300+ cards • Card Dividers • Rulebook

Players: 2 - 5 | Playing Time: 45 minutes | Ages: 12 +