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Divinare: Bluff, Guess and Win!

Code: ASMDIV01
Manufacturer: Asmodee Editions
Divinare: Bluff, Guess and Win!

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Late 19th century, London, England, prominent mediums gathered for an historic tournament whose winner will be named the best clairvoyant of the century! Players will incarnate the finalists of this tournament. Their goal is to guess the cards in the hand of their adversaries to estimate how many cards of each category will be shown at the end of the game. But will bluffing, tactical playing and their divinatory powers make better predictions than their competitors?

The box contains: 4 game boards, 36 cards, 4 character cards and 4 prediction tokens, 16 blue scoring tokens (worth 3 points), 40 yellow scoring tokens (worth 1 point), 20 red scoring tokens (worth -1 point), three action cards and the rule book.

Players: 2 - 4 | Playing Time: 30 minutes | Ages: 10 +