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World War II: Barbarossa 1941

Code: ZVE6134
Manufacturer: Zvezda
World War II: Barbarossa 1941

SRP: $69.95
Cost: please inquire
The largest conflict ever, now on your tabletop! Take command of the forces of the German Wehrmacht or the Soviet Union in fierce tactical battles over a variety of battlefields. Can you face the same kinds of challenges as the brave commanders of these bitter foes and emerge victorious?

� Set in the early months of the Barbarossa invasion of Russia during World War II, the modular board and terrain tiles allow you to recreate nearly any battle.
� Includes 8 exciting ready-to-play scenarios.
� Unique simultaneous play mechanic keeps the action intense, and the rules easy to learn.
� Secret planning makes every turn tense and exciting!
� Includes 21 highly detailed and historically accurate plastic models.

Designed by Konstantin Krivenko

World War II: Barbarossa 1941 includes 21 plastic unit models (some assembly required), 6 double-sided game boards, 30 terrain hexes, 6 plastic elevation tiles, 21 unit cards, group cards, minefield cards, 10 dice, 2 water-based markers, decals, game rules, and scenario booklet.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.