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Planes - High Pilotage: Starter Game Set

Code: ZVE2060
Manufacturer: Zvezda
Planes - High Pilotage:  Starter Game Set

SRP: $25.00
Cost: please inquire
The sky won't wait! Warm up your engines and hit the starting line! It's going to take more than speed to win this race, though—you'll need iron control and nerves of steel if you're going to be the best racer in the world!

The Planes Game System is the perfect combination of gaming and modelling! Players first assemble their favorite characters from the Disney movie Planes, then they race them head to head on the race track they design themselves!

Planes: High Pilotage Starter Game Set comes with 2 character models with stickers (some assembly required), 20 racing gates, 15 penalty tokens, 2 Planes model stands, 2 character cards, and 1 6-sided die.