Last Chance, Orphans, Overstocks and More! BARGAINS GALORE!
A Game of Armored Combat, coming THIS SUMMER!
New tool line! Fantastic quality! ALWAYS AVAILABLE!
HP Miniatures Adventure Game from Knight Models!

Welcome to Devir Games!

Dragons & Chickens, Holmes, Barcelona, Checkpoint Charlie, and much more!

A Hearty welcome to Devir Games! Publishers of quality Euro-style board and card games, Devir Games carries a long tradition of experience in the hobby/games industry!

When a Chilean, an American, two Catalans, and two Portuguese guys get together, three things could happen:

1. They’re in a joke.
2. They work in Hollywood.
3. They are board game editors.

Infinite coincidences have created Devir Games, an entertainment project that brings together fans of comics, role play, war games, collectible card games, heroic fantasy and science fiction novels, The Round Table, Frodo, Dracula, Spiderman, and all the unexplored worlds in our imagination.

This heterogeneous and wild group has more than 25 years of experience in the face-to-face gaming industry, where real games are played by real people. After such a long time (and never making it in Hollywood), they decided to create their own games. After a few years of only publishing in Spanish and Portuguese, they’ve taken a gamble and released them in English. Now they can be played in Seattle, the down under in Sydney, up in Liverpool and in Cape Town. And what if someone in Hollywood buys one of their games? You never know, the game could be in a movie! Now, that would be the joke.

For the time being, and before that happy day comes, if you would like to know about our games and what we do follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or send us an email at or

May the force of gaming be with you!

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