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One Warehouse, One Love!


As with the settlers of old, the call of the West is irresistible, and while frequent excursions have been made to foreign time zones, the sun is always shinier on the Left Coast - where Golden calls home! The time has come to pull together the disparate pieces of the Golden Empire and assemble as Golden Prime!

Due to the ever-changing hobby/game market and the daily shifts in how games are bought and sold at every level, we have decided to consolidate our efforts back into one warehouse, and wind down operations at our Indianapolis location. We've had a ball in the Hoosier State, catering to the needs of our favorite customers on the East Coast for years, and we'll certainly miss it! Consolidating our operations in a time of huge expansion in the industry will allow us to focus on our core strengths as a hobby/game distributor - the best customer service and long-term customer care we can possibly provide, same-day shipping, easy returns, nimble purchasing, and the willingness to take requests and bring in what YOU want to stock!

Effective today, we will offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders departing the East warehouse over $100! That's right, $100 FREE SHIPPING on all East orders until the fat lady warbles her last! We will still be receiving several large shipments that are already in process, and fulfill as many Warbox requests as we can from East; any remainders can be transferred to your West Warbox, for fulfillment there.

What does this mean for you?

Fortunately, not much will change in how we already handle orders!

If you have a Warbox item on HOLD in your East Warbox, we will ask that you please clear those out at your earliest convenience - and $100 FREE SHIPPING makes that much easier!

If you have a Warbox item on ORDER, but it has not yet arrived and is not en route, we will be happy to transfer as much of that as you like to West, just drop us a line at and let us know.

If you'd rather not order from West and would like to cancel your Warbox orders at East, we understand, and we're happy to give you an opportunity to do this if you choose.

If you haven't ordered from East very much, but you're looking to fill in a weekly order with some top lines, here's your chance to do so with $100 FREE SHIPPING!!

We are confident that this reconstitution of the two Golden halves will result in a bigger, badder, more powerful and more fearsome Golden Distribution than ever before. We're glad you're along for the ride! As always, any questions, drop us a line and let us know! One Warehouse, One Love!

Yours -

The Golden Staff
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