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Expanded offerings from ULTRA PRO and USAOPOLY!


Hey there everyone!

With the new year comes new ideas, new resolutions, and around the Golden campus, new products from some dear friends!

ULTRA PRO has expanded to Ultra Pro Entertainment, and is offering up some in-house games that can't be beat, as well as favorites from their publishing divisions - Stone Blade Games, Playroom Entertainment, Jolly Roger Games and many more!  These cats are really throwing their best effort into promoting their new offerings, so much so that we're offering you 25% OFF select ULTRA PRO titles until 15 January!  That's right, just add them to your order before 15 January and you'll get all these titles and more for an additional 25% OFF! (Yeah, we are out of stock in several of these, but don't worry - get them in your Warbox before 15 January and we will honor the pricing anyway! We will be placing a huge stock order on that date so don't be late!

Not to be outdone, USAopoly has gone it alone, and are offering us their impressive line of licensed games from across the spectrum!  Names such as Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Rick & Morty appearing on such classics as Jenga, Monopoly, Clue, Munchkin, chess sets, trivia sets, and many more! Also look for Codenames Disney and the new and VERY popular board game The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 which is rocketing up the charts as we speak!  (Sorry no special pricing on these guys, ask again later :-)  )

Any questions or suggestions for EVEN MORE neat new stuff in 2018, let me know! 


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