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Golden Distribution International is a wholesale distributor of hobby gaming products such as: Miniatures, Table-top Wargames, Board Games, Card Games, Roleplaying Games, Dice, Accessories & More!

If you are a retail store and interested in information on our wholesale pricing and account terms, please fill out our new account form.

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PRE-ORDER: Coming Soon...Woodland Scenics: Shrubs & Saplings - Light Green, Carnevale: Dracula's Host Box Set, Chessex Bulk Dice Sets: Menagerie #10 - Bag of 50 d20 Dice...and much more! [preorder list][full report]


BACK IN STOCK! Cruel Seas Starter Set - Strike Fast, Strike Hard!, Orleans, Scythe: Core Game...and much more! [new product list][full report]


PRE-ORDER: Coming Soon...Dropfleet Commander: Retail Bundle 2019 [Retail Only], Battle Bases: Ruins Bases - Basing Kit (24), Daniel Mersey’s Battle Ravens...and much more! [preorder list][full report]


NEW! (Gunpla): HaroPla Happy Yellow ''Gundam Build Diver'', 28mm Terrain: Woodford - Church, Wild West Exodus: Legendary Raging Bear...and much more! [new product list][full report]


PRE-ORDER: Coming Soon...Wargames Illustrated Magazine #378, Monsterpocalypse (2018): Buildings - Statue of Liberty (resin), The Captain is Dead: Dangerous Planet...and much more! [preorder list][full report]

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