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Wits & Wagers: Vegas Expansion

Code: NSG131
Manufacturer: North Star Games
Wits & Wagers: Vegas Expansion

SRP: $49.99
Cost: please inquire
Wits & Wagers Vegas expansion. History`s most award-winning party game just got better! With more ways to bet and smoother game play, Wits & Wagers Vegas creates the ultimate Wits & Wagers experience. This limited edition expansion converts both Wits & Wagers Party and Wits & Wagers Deluxe into the trivia party game that has no equal. Wits & Wagers Vegas contains a show stopping 34 x 24 neoprene, two-sided play mat with classic Wits Deluxe on one side, Wits Vegas on the other. It also has more questions and extra components to amplify your Wits & Wagers game nights. This massive play mat will never be produced again, so make sure to get in on this Wits & Wagers Vegas expansion action now! Needs either Wits Party or Wits Deluxe to play.