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Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game: Core Game

Manufacturer: Knight Models
Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game: Core Game

SRP: $120.00
Cost: please inquire
"NOTE: The initial production run will be VERY LIMITED, so early
pre-orders are key to receiving stock in the first wave! Pre-orders
will be filled on a FIRST IN, FIRST OUT basis, don't delay!"

The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game is a board game for two or more players, each taking control of a set of finely detailed resin miniatures, representing their faction, or group, of witches and wizards.

In the game, players must outmaneuver their opponents, resolve a variety of challenges and objectives, make clever use of potions and artifacts, and, of course, unleash a dizzying array of spells in order to win the day.

The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game, contains a huge variety of meticulously detailed miniatures, allowing fans of the cinematic saga to collect, paint and play with their favorite characters. Prepare to embark on a magical hobby…

Core Box Includes:

13 Detailed ready to paint & assemble resin miniatures 35mm scale:
- Harry Potter
- Hermione Granger
- Ron Weasley
- 4 Death Eaters
- 1 Acromantula
- 5 Acromantula Swarm

· Three Double-Sided Gameboards
· 9 Character Cards
· 10 Potion Cards
· 10 Artifact Cards
· 40 Adventure Cards
· 20 Cardboard Tokens
· Assembly Instructions
· Tin Box
· 20 Spell Cards
· 10 x 2 Quest Cards
· 16 Event Cards
· Rulebook
· 6 Custom Dice
· 8 x 30mm Plastic Bases

*This product is recomended for 14+ years old, as it contains small pieces.
**Assembly and painting required. Contents may vary.