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Super Deluxe Pile O' Stuff

Super Deluxe Pile O' Stuff

Cost: please inquire
If you run a convention of ANY SIZE, we have put together for you a SUPER DELUXE PILE O' STUFF! For the low low price of $1000USD plus shipping, we will send you over $4000SRP value of product! If you pick it up at our Santa Clara warehouse, we'll throw in a bit more! This is a GREAT solution for your paint-n-take area, as these bundles of fun will include multiple copies of the same miniatures, a perfect solution for your painting classes! But it's more than just miniatures, we will throw in all manner of overstock and surplus inventory board games, card games, paints, accessories, you never know what might come out of the deep dark recesses of the building to add to your prize closet!

- These packages are available to CONVENTIONS ONLY, not retail stores! (and yes, I'll check!)

- Payment will be due at time of shipping, so we will know exactly how much your shipping will cost, via FedEx Ground (shipments of this size will require an adult signature, so plan accordingly!)

- We reserve the right to pack whatever we like into the pile, but we promise you none of it will be junk, garbage or damaged items, nothing but good quality products! All items are sold AS IS, but again, not just, just too much!

- You agree NOT TO RESELL these items, either at the con or elsewhere! You are free to put them in a prize closet for the con, or charge for a painting class or the like, but these items are not for individual resale!

- Prices and availability subject to change at any time

- All items are FIRST COME FIRST SERVED, so if for whatever reason we get cleaned out of all our overstocks, we might have to turn this program off!

If you are interested, please place one of these items in your Warbox, drop me a line at to let me know, and we'll get started right away!