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Sturgeon: A Party Game of Big Fish and Small Fries

Code: MNISTG100
Manufacturer: Minion Games
Sturgeon: A Party Game of Big Fish and Small Fries

SRP: $11.99
Cost: please inquire
Lake Sturgeon is a cruel and unforgiving place. Minnows scurry about in schools, trying to avoid being eaten by bass, bass hide from the mighty sturgeon in the dense weeds, and sturgeon fishermen patiently angle for their elusive trophy. If your fish survive long enough to produce two sturgeons, you rule the lake.

For 2-5 players, ages 10 and up.

Sturgeon contains 60 cards:
16 Minnow cards
11 Bass cards
10 Sturgeon cards
12 Swim cards
3 Chase cards
4 Weeds cards
2 School cards
2 Sturgeon Fisherman cards